Monday, March 26, 2007

Bcoz I still Love You!

I found this beautiful expression on love,when I was browsing the blogs( on the net.

Clearly proves that love is natural and spontaneous!

You’re moving away

I know but can’t stop

My silence cries

But no one can hear

My eyes are shouting my pain

Your ears are so deaf

My heart shows you’re still there

Your eyes are so blind

I’m nothing for you hereafter

You have your love and

All the happiness

I’m not the reason

You still have that sparkling smile

But not for me

Is it a sin to love you anymore?

I don’t know

If it is so

I love to be a sinner

‘coz I still love you'

Monday, March 19, 2007

Being Positive!

If A=1,B=2,C=3,...... and Z=26, then

a) HARDWORK = 98.
b) ATTITUDE = 100.
c) POSITIVE = 115.
d) EFFORT = 70.
f) MONEY = 72.
g) FAME = 25.
h) HAPPINESS = 107.

Combining c and b,
POSITIVE ATTITUDE = 115+100 = 215


POSITIVE ATTITUDE scores higher than INTELLIGENCE(115),MONEY(72) and FAME(25).

Having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE makes a lot of difference in your life and helps every individual to be a winner.
All materialistic pleasures like MONEY,FAME score very less.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tribute to a great individual - Bob Woolmer!

I was shell shocked, when I heard about the tragic death of Bob Woolmer.Personally I love Bob Woolmer a lot.My thoughts are scatterred and disturbed after hearing this news.Bob has given away his live for the spirit and passion of cricket.What a noble person!!!

Bob brought about a lot of inventions and simplicity to the game with his unique ways of coaching. His combination with Hansie took South Africa to new heights.He is a kind of person who underplays his success and works for the overall benefit of the team.

He created a sense of direction,purpose,belonging and strong networking within the pakistan team - something the other coaches didn't bother to do! This was his true success and he always took the criticisms as an opportunity to improve.

I am bit more disturbed about the timing of his death-immediately after the PAK's elimination from WC'07. This clearly shows how much he would have been hurt for all the hard effort he has put in for the last 3 years to revive Pakistan cricket.
I think nobody would love the game as strong as Bob.

I sincerley pray to GOD that his sudden death is natural and not due to dirty cricketing politics.

May BOB's soul rest in peace and my condolonces to his family.

BOB- You had a strong influence on people like me.We will miss you and your POSITIVE ATTITUDE!.

When I finished writing this post, I observed that there were a lot of typing mistakes.An example of the impact that a loss like this can have on people like us.

True cricket can never exist without BOB WOOLMER!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

EPGL Seminar - India 2007

On March 14th and 15th- we had the Alcatel-Lucent EPGL India seminar 2007. It was a wonderful experience. We had a bunch of bubbly and vibrant participants from Delhi,Noida,B'lore and Chennai. It was great learning experience and this platform promoted a lot of networking and interaction among all the participants.

For me this was the most important take away from this seminar! It really helped to de-stress a lot and know each other well.Another promising event that created a lot of positive vibrations and energy!

Will upload the photos in another 2 days.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The method of blogging

I had the opportunity to visit Shiva's blog. It was wonderful,poetic with a lot of expressions and reflections about life.

When I analyzed shiva's blog,I was able to relate the following :

Shiva's blog had a method to go about it,whereas mine does not follow any structured methods.

Have a look into

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Greatest Battle!

Yesterday, I read an article from the news paper on women's liberation.There it was mentioned that a lot of women now prefer to live alone and they do not want to get into marriage.In a way that's good and bad.

I think - it's more to do with how you see marriage.As an institution,I do not believe in marriage.It puts that extra bit of pressure especially on women.

The conventional rules needs to be broken.Commitment,Trust and Love should take the lead for a happy relationship. I guess quite soon live-in relationship would be the call of the day. This will keep the relationship healthy without putting any pressure on the individuals.

But this is not easy in our environment and the greatest battles will be with our own minds!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Women's Day-March 8th 2007

To all the women whom I came across-My Kudos to U for being:

E-Enchanting,N-Not so good(at times!).

Have a stunning women's day!

The hero of the day!!!

Today, DS published the BDay snaps of Pranav.
It was a wonderful and funfilled party.
The comments were too cute and it takes some
special effort and focus from DS to bring it to such perfection.

DS - I guess it's a perfect gift for the women's day.

For enjoying those special moments:

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The lesson learnt from ANTS!

Today, I was reading a chapter out of Oh! Mind Relax Please. There was a story describing how human beings can learn a lot from the ants.

Ants have some great inherent qualities:

1) Ants always proactive. During summer they plan for winter and during winter they plan for summer.
2) Ants posses a great deal of flexibility. They always have the capability to cross the obstacles on their way.
3) Ants have a great deal of patience during tough periods.
4) Ants always follow a common discipline and pattern during their course of travel.
5) They have a wonderful networking capabilities - the leader in the front pass the signals through the network if they face a hurdle on their way and they very quickly change their course of direction.They manage the critical path very well!
6) The group always follow the leader and the leader leads their way through the network. Humility is a great strength of the ants.
7) Last but not the least - they synergize as a team and work towards a common objective.

Analyzing the above qualities of the ants - I think it is directly applicable to the project management scenario.Indeed,we have a lot to learn from the ants.

It's a great lesson.

Monday, March 5, 2007

7 rules to guarantee project failure!

A must read from

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sean Covey's 7 habits of highly effective teens!

These 7 habits are the synopsis of sean covey's message to youngsters :

1) Be Proactive.
2) Begin with an end in the mind.
3) Put first things first.
4) Seek first to understand and then to be understood.
5) Think WIN WIN.
6) Synergize.
7) Sharpen your saw!

I am trying hard to follow this and these 7 habits makes me stronger whenever I fail.

Friday, March 2, 2007

MSQM 2nd Semester

Just now, I received my closed book exam marks for MS Quality Management 2nd semester.

TQM - 28.5/30
EMS -27.5/30
QTM -26/30
TC -21/30

Lot of scope for improvement especially in Technical Communication.

Also this time,the assignments were quite tough - Calibration and Technical Communication was a very big challenge for me! It did put me out of track for a while,but I somehow managed the assignments. Kudos to IIQM for setting such high standards.

So quite some preparation needs to be done for the comprehensive exams on March 31,April 1 2007.

Such positive challenges always helps me to pursue my goals better!

Have a great weekend...

What's up this weekend?

Some reading,Lot of playing with Arjuun,Outing with friends,Some recharging....and some unknowns!

The power of positive energy!

This week, I was in a finance training for non-finance executives. There were quite a lot of take aways from this training. In addition to learning some basics about finance - I got the opportunity to meet 'Munish Agarwal'.

Personally Munish left a great impact on me! After a long time - I met a person who had loads of positive energy.He was an expert in the field of finance,operation and every word from his mouth was so meaningful.

I learnt a lot from his values - optimism,self confidence,self respect,respect for others,open mind and his commitment levels.

In addition to this-my self confidence grew up in size(for a different personal reason)after seeing Munish.

I felt extremely motivated after the 2 days of fruitful interactions with Munish.

Thanks a lot Munish - You were rocking!!!