Thursday, January 29, 2009

Slumdog Millionare - Sucks!

Does SlumDog Millionare(SDM) - needs so much celebration? It has shown India in a very poor light and people seems to celebrate the awards that we get for that. Oh my god !

Bollywood has produced far better films than this - Films like Black,Swades,Lagaan...

When we did not celebrate the experience that these films created, I feel that the awards,rewards for SDM is just overrated and blown out of propotion. Are we celebrating for mocking India, showing us in poor light.

Black - What an extradinary performance by Amtiji and Rani. It will touch your heart.

In Swades - you can never see SRK there, only Mohan Bhargav.It creates a long lasting impact on me, every time I see that film.

Lagaan- What a film that engulfs Teamwork,Motivation,Inspiration,Facing the challenge,Perseverance,Leadership etc.

Compared to all these films, SDM just sucks and only sucks! Nothing more and nothing less.