Saturday, October 18, 2008

To be or not to be Saurav Ganguly!

One of the recent events that has caused me a certain level of discomfort is - Saurav Ganguly's decision to retire from the International Cricket Space. His outbursts and emotions are very much warranted and understandable. Though, I am not a lover of Saurav as a player, I really respect him for all his leadership capabilities. He is a tremendous leader with a sense of vision and an excellent motivator. After Kapil, Saurav is someone who stood for his mates and who gets down with his views upright. He is NOT just a captain, but a true LEADER. He is the one and probably the only one, who brought in that aggresive spirit into the Indian Team. He is the one, who made others to stop for a moment and take a look into the spirit of the Indan team. If the youngsters in the team today are performing well, it definitely has a great bearing on Saurav.

He really backed the youngsters,embraced failures,encouraged them to take risks,stood by them and helped them to evolve as an individual. He continuously helped the team to build their physical and emotional infrastructure. If the youngsters like Shewag,Harbhajan,Yuvraj,Kaif,Zaheer,Nehra etc are dominating the game today - it is ONLY due to the tremendous backing and support they got from Saurav. He was a real leader who gave the sense of freedom and motivation to his mates. He even backed Rahul and Sachin during their difficult times.
Another aspect, that I admire about Saurav - is that he gave back something to the opposition, whenever they rubbed India in the wrong way. Be it Flintoff,Ponting - they had to be given a taste of their own medicine and Saurav had the guts to do it.

But it was disappointing to see him, being treated shabily due to the board politics - starting with the Greg Chappell's episode. What was more disgusting was the fact that - they guys who were there in the team today(due credit to Saurav), didn't come to support his cause. That's the way, people are in today's world(or in today's India?). Definitely Saurav will be remembered as one of the greatest captain's of this era and he also displayed his resilience to the entire world- by making the greatest comeback in the history of cricket. If the other cricketing nations, fear India today - it's largely due to Saurav's leadership abilities and the aggressive spirit that he has instilled into every cell of the Indian Team.