Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Power of Focus!

Today I wanted to write something, but I am unable to proceed further. I just do not have the focus to concentrate and build something better. The same happenned during my MSQM closed book exams a week back. This time,I just made a very ordinary performance because my strategy totally lacked planning and preparation. So ultimately it resulted in a poor performance. I did not live up to my strength,instead my strategy lacked focus and dedication. I just did not have the motivation to read for the exams and believed in my fire fighting capabilities. Out of the 4 exams, 2 were just out of sorts. I have to wait and see the results.

It was a clear indication to me, that I did not play to my strength(Planning,Preparation and Hardwork) for my 3rd sem MSQM exams. May be time for me to do some self-introspection,break the rules and re-allign my objectives,goals and balance.