Sunday, April 29, 2007

How to build Self Confidence?

"What makes you weep,my friend? In you is all power.Summon up
your all-powerful nature mighty one and this whole universe will lie at
your feet.It is the Self alone that predominates and not matter."

- Swami Vivekanananda.

Though the potential strength is hidden within us,we are not able to
utilise it.Right attitude, positive thinking,and firm faith alone can
help us to manifest this hidden strength within.

How do great people achieve success in life?They cultivate certain qualities in order to awaken the hidden confidence within themselves.Why not we also
give a try if we wish to be great and successful in life?

The qualities needed to be cultivated to build self-confidence are:
1) Conviction
2) Hard Work
3) Will-Power
4) Self-respect
5) Long preparation
6) Communication
7) Commitment
8) Discrimination
9) Definite Goal
10) Love
11) Concentration
12) Strength

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Difficult 2 Express !

For the last few days, I wasn't able to spend much time on my blog. At times,I was finding it difficult to express certain things to certain people.I don't know why, but it's happenning.

Just at the right time, I was reading Shiv Khera's 'You Can Win'. One chapter highlights the importance of attitude. I will definitely have some take aways from this and something to share tomorrow.

Until then, Take care.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Coming Together

Over the last few days,my office has become a very happenning place. Lot of initiatives and activities are going on for the Family Day 21/4/07. People are grouped into 4 teams and it's throwing out quite some talents,innovations and competition. Most important point is that a lot of NETWORKING is happenning among the people.

We basically have 4 teams - Red,Blue,Yellow and Green.Every day, the teams are coming out with novel ideas to promote their culture,thinking and character.

It's very nice to see such competition, but as professionals we also have the responsibility to ensure that the spirit of enjoyment and fun does not die. This is more important than winning.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sea Gulls Did Not Come Near That Day!

There was an old sage who was known for his love,affection,serenity,compassion and silence.He had the power to cure anything and anybody with his sheer optimisim.Everyday he used to meditate on the sea shore. During his meditation, the sea gulls would just climb up and down over his body and will play over all him. They would love his presence and the bright aura that emanated from his body.

Seeing this wonderful sight, one day a fisherman came to the sage.He told the sage that he was unable to get a good catch for the last few days and his family is starving. He told the sage to catch one or two sea gulls so that he can cook them to feed his family. At first the sage was very hesitant, but after seeing the plight of the poor fisherman, the sage agreed. He told the fisherman that he will catch a seagull on the next day.

The next day morning, the sage and the fisherman came to the seashore. As usual the sage sat down and started his meditation. The fisherman was watching the sage. Surprisingly, not a single seagull came near the sage. They didn't even come into the direction where the sage was sitting.The sage waited for quite some time and the seagulls clearly avoided his boundary.

The sage got up and started walking. The fisherman came to the sage and asked

'What happenned? Not a single seagull came near you today?

The sage replied

'Everyday I came here to meditate.Hence I was full of positive energy and the seagulls were attracted towards those positive vibrations. But today, when I came here - my intention was to catch hold of a seagull. This clearly created a negative energy field within me. The seagulls were able to sense my negative vibrations and hence they did not come near me'

If you are negative, people around you will be able to clearly sense it and they will avoid you.
So be POSITIVE and create a WIN WIN!!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Winners Never Quit!

MSQM : End of 2nd Sem

Yesterday, I completed my 2nd semester exams in Quality Management. Writing 2 exams a day,for 2 continuous days in a very poor environment was a challenge by itself. The infrastructure at the exam centre was so bad that I had a severe neck sprain at the end of the 1st day. Though I was frustrated, I wanted to finish off the exams,since postponment will cause a great deal of distress.

2 more semesters to go. This time at the end of 2 days of exams - my confidence level is better(compared to the 1st sem) due to the fact that, this time - I spent quite some time in planning and preparation.

IIQM/BITS boasts so much about their achievements and every year their rates for the distance learning programmes are just on the increasing trend. It's time that they also give some due attention and effort to provide the candidates a good environment and infrastructure to learn. It is their basic responsibility to ensure this. At this moment, they need a rapid improvement in this area.

May be they also need to do a bit of handholding with their customers(students,service providers) and apply the principles of TQM to ensure a true customer satisfaction!
Practice what you preach!