Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is India Incredible?

"Incredible India" looks great when written on paper, but we need to think; if every individual is really working on this. This is not yet imbibed into our thoughts, intentions, feelings & system. India Incredible still has a long way to go, but a few baby steps can take us to that place in some years:

1) 1st priority - let's strive to keep India clean, this should be on the top of our mind.
2) No more spitting, pissing,shitting on the roads.
3) Don't dump garbage on the roads & outside the houses. Put it into the dustbin.
4) People with pets - wear a rubber glouse & collect the pit shits in a cover & throw into the dustbin.
5) Neet Metal Fanalca - Please collect & all the garbage on the daily basis from the street corners, your service needs rapid improvement.
6) Don't dump all heavy garbage materials like - beds, wooden items etc into the bins. Store it in a seperate place & hand it over directly to the Neel Metal guys when they come for garbage collection.
7) Segregate the garbage - plastic, vergetable waste, papers etc. This makes it more environment friendly.
8) At home - everybody please follow the simple rules & keep the house & the neibhourhood neat & clean.
9) Be a veggie - stop eating non-veg,eggs. Break the demand & supply cycle. Because of this a lot of innocent birds,animals are being killed daily resulting in a unclean environment. Go green & be a vegetarian - you will do a lot of good to you, others & the widelife will bless you.
10) Create the awareness & change the mindset - it's our responsibility to keep our neibhourhood neat&clean.

Let's not make India Incredible - First let's work to make India Clean.