Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Real Winner - Muralitharan

What's the meaning of 'Real Winner'? Really winning is something different than winning on a day. That's what Muralitharan has shown this world. Recently we saw the last test match of a great fighter in Muralitharan; a down to earth, multi-talented personality. Time & again, when everybody has written him off(by their unprofessional criticisms, he always bounced back & showed what he is capable of. He let is ball do the talking, 800 wickets is no mean achievement - nobody can even come near him. Remember, he took these wickets in such a low number of matches, that another landmark. Murali is Murali and can never be displaced.

He was unduly criticised in a very unprofessional way by a lot of umpires & guys for his action. Harper & Emerson call for no-balls during a number of matches & I still remember this match - it was against England, in Adelaide that Emerson call Murali for no-ball continuously. Arjuna Ranatunga, then captain of SL team, walked out signalling a protest. After things were sorted out, ENG scored around 302 runs. Ranatunga before starting their innings, said that they will win this match for Murali. Then when SL batted - they attacked from all quarters, starting with Jayasuriya,scoring a 56 of mere 30 odd balls & Mahela Jayawerdene scoring a century; SL won the match - with Murali scoring the last few runs. That was one of the finest example to show how a positive leader like Ranatunga, motivated & supported Murali during all these allegations. He was a great source of strength to Murali & kudos to him. Also in 1998, the 1 off test match against ENG in Oval, Murali single handedly destroyed ENG and won the match for SL.

Whatever is said & done; people need to have an open mindset to accept the fact that - Murali is a genius & legend. His skills & competency are truly natural that should be respected. Above all his feats, he is a wonderful human being, true winner & someone who respects fellow cricketers.

I really feel sad that people like Bishen Singh Bedi still keep criticising Murali, by calling him a chucker. It only shows his immaturity, lack of character & unprofessionalism. By the way, nobody know what credentials does he have to criticise Murali? If he would played in this era, he was less than very ordinary bowler, who can be easliy thrashed (consistently) out of the ground even by a number 11 batsman..............

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is India Incredible?

"Incredible India" looks great when written on paper, but we need to think; if every individual is really working on this. This is not yet imbibed into our thoughts, intentions, feelings & system. India Incredible still has a long way to go, but a few baby steps can take us to that place in some years:

1) 1st priority - let's strive to keep India clean, this should be on the top of our mind.
2) No more spitting, pissing,shitting on the roads.
3) Don't dump garbage on the roads & outside the houses. Put it into the dustbin.
4) People with pets - wear a rubber glouse & collect the pit shits in a cover & throw into the dustbin.
5) Neet Metal Fanalca - Please collect & all the garbage on the daily basis from the street corners, your service needs rapid improvement.
6) Don't dump all heavy garbage materials like - beds, wooden items etc into the bins. Store it in a seperate place & hand it over directly to the Neel Metal guys when they come for garbage collection.
7) Segregate the garbage - plastic, vergetable waste, papers etc. This makes it more environment friendly.
8) At home - everybody please follow the simple rules & keep the house & the neibhourhood neat & clean.
9) Be a veggie - stop eating non-veg,eggs. Break the demand & supply cycle. Because of this a lot of innocent birds,animals are being killed daily resulting in a unclean environment. Go green & be a vegetarian - you will do a lot of good to you, others & the widelife will bless you.
10) Create the awareness & change the mindset - it's our responsibility to keep our neibhourhood neat&clean.

Let's not make India Incredible - First let's work to make India Clean.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Father's Time

(Source : From JM, thanks to my uncle for sharing this)

Why always Mummy............ Daddy dis time

At 4 Years
My daddy is great.

At 6 Years
My daddy knows everybody.

At 10 Years
My daddy is good but is short tempered

At 12 Years
My daddy was very nice to me when I was young.

At 14 Years
My daddy is getting fastidious.

At 16 Years
My daddy is not in line with the current times.

At 18 Years
My daddy is becoming increasingly cranky.

At 20 Years
Oh! Its becoming difficult to tolerate daddy. Wonder how Mother puts up
With him.

At 25 Years
Daddy is objecting to everything.

At 30 Years
It's becoming difficult to manage my son. I was so scared of my father
When I was young.

At 40 Years
Daddy brought me up with so much discipline. Even I should do the same.

At 45 Years
I am baffled as to how my daddy brought us up.

At 50 Years
My daddy faced so many hardships to bring us up. I am unable to manage
A Single son.

At 55 Years
My daddy was so far sighted and planned so many things for us. He is
One Of his kind and unique.

At 60 Years
My daddy is great.

Thus, it took 56 years to complete the cycle and come back to the 1st. Stage. Realize the true value of your parents before it’s too late.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Collaborative Parenting

The most difficult thing in the world is ' Being a good father'; I somewhere heard, that Barack Obama said this in one of his conversation. At the outside it looks very simple, but extremely difficult to implement. It calls for a lot of dedication,time,innovation,being one with the kid & getting into the skin. But it's an experience that provides an immense satisfaction, happiness & an opportunity that provides you the lead to influence the generations to come.

I have heard many people saying that they provide (little) quality time with their children. I don't subscribe to this view & theory. Unless you spend lot of time with your kids, you cannot create a quality time. Remeber kids are more intelligent than us & they can easily read out body language & mine. So the fundamental principle is to create a baseline - by spending a large quantity of time ; so that you can connect with them emotionally, because building this emotional infrastructure with your kids is the most difficult task.Once this is done, the other values can top up.

To all fathers & mothers - thanks for being there for your kids & we all owe the moral responsibility to co-create a society without any fragmentation.