Friday, July 27, 2007

Mr Kalam : Being Humble!

2 days back I was watching the interview of Mr. Abdul Kalam on CNN IBN and I personally felt, it was a great loss to our country that he was not given a second term. Thanks to our politicians who are still focussing on personal gains. During the interview Mr. Kalam showed how he transformed the Rastrapathi Bhavan into 'People's Bhavan'. His love for nature and his concern for birds/animals was very much evident in his character. He also said that music should be an essential part of every human being. He motivated people to cultuivate the habit of listening to good music. I also learnt that when his relatives came to see him during the year of 2004, Mr Kalam had asked the controller of Rastrapathi Bhavan to keep track of every single rupee that was spent on his relatives. Not once was his office car used for his relatives. Finally he paid from his own pocket for all the expenses incurred by his relatives for their food,transportation,sight seeing and stay at Rastrapathi Bhavan etc. By his act, Mr Kalam has become a source of inspiration for everybody and what I like most about him is that - he is a positive energy centre! His greatest success was the way in which he conceived and transpired his vision of making India a developed country in 2020. This shows that he is a true leader who can clearly see the invisible and shape strategies to achieve his vision.

Another greatest asset(s) of Mr Kalam is his sense of modesty and humility. Inspite of being such a great person, he is just down to earth and so humble. People who are looking for the real all round development of our country will definitely miss Mr Kalam and indeed our politicians will never miss him!

I once read in a book by Robin Sharma that : Mahatma Gandhi,Mother Teresa,Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincon were neither smart,beautiful nor gifted. But there all had the following traits in common :

a) Courage b) Persevearance c) Modesty and d) Humility.

Thanks to Mr Kalam for bringing in a mindset change and awareness into the country. Let's wish and work to get his vision concretized!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Long Pending Tag!

I am back with a long pending tag from my side. I did not know about these tag protocols until Shiva shared the essence of it.

The tag requires me to share the 5th paragraph in the 123rd page of the book I am presently reading.

1) I was tagged by Shiva : To know more about Shiva,take a look into

2) The book that I am currently reading is "Happiness Now" by Andrew Matthews.

3) The book does not have a direct reference to 123rd page.Hence I am sharing the content of the last para in the 121st page(which is the last page).

Everything is Connected!!!

Have you noticed that whenever you exercise regularly,you feel like eating healthier food? Have you noticed that when you eat healthier food,you have more energy-so you feel like exercising more?

Everything in life is connected.Effort you put into one part of life affects all the other parts.When you are happy at home,you are happier at work.When you are happier at work,you are happier at home.

So what does all this mean?

1. That to improve your life you can start on ANY positive path.You might start with a savings plan,a goal list, a fitness program or a commitment to spend more time with your children.That positive path will lead to other positive results because everything is connected.

2. It doesn't matter WHERE you start to put more effort into your life.It matters THAT you start.

3. It works both ways!If you let one part of your life collapse,everything will begin to spiral downward.This keeps us paying attention!

In a nutshell :

Everything you do matters! Happiness is a daily decision.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Express yourself - Don't wait for looong!

Today,I was reading the blog of Abrachan and I found something that was very much needed at this point in time. The crux of Aby's post was this :

Kiss me now . You may not get another chance!!!

Don't wait for too long to express yourself and your feelings. Often in the middle of hectic schedules, I often tend to get into the groove of holding my feelings and thinking that there is still time for me to take care of my near and dear ones. But at times, I don't realize that the time is running out and the people who are present today, may not be present tomorrow.Even the situations might change. So whether it's good or bad - it's always the best to express yourself today, at this very moment.

This is a powerful self-realization that has to happen. So whether it's :

- Taking care of your parents,Hugging your friends,Kissing you child,Expressing your love,Saying thank you,Motivating others,Complimenting your friends,Making a change in your lifestyle .......

DO it this moment.

Thanks Aby.