Saturday, November 28, 2009

2 States

Last week, I read ' 2 States' by Chetan Bhagat. I would say it's typical Chetan's expression & he didn't dissapoint. Guess, it's inspired from certain facets of his marriage life. In that way, hats off to Chetan to bring them into this book. I have read all his books(Five Point Someone, 3 Mistakes of My Life & 2 States) except One Night At Call Centre. But Five Point Someone is definitely my pick.

2 States is definitely a very good read. I was especially moved by the father & son relationship that was potrayed in the book. Though Krish & his father never had a good relationship, finally it was his father who played the major role to help him come out of his discomfort & marry Ananya. Especially in the final chapter, when his father expresses his love to Krish and his confession that " Though I am imperfect father, still your father". It was very good of Chetan , to bring out this aspect of father son relationship in this book. This is something, that needs to be nurtured properly by every father & son, to make it beautiful.

Yes, we definitely need to acknowledge the actual importance of Father's Day. It need more awareness & priority,since it plays a vital part in every individual's life.

Love you my Dad! Thanks for being there for me.
You are great and I am so small infront of your greatness!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Finally the audio cd of 'paa' is out and I liked it very much. As usual, what can you say about Amitji and Balki combination. An out of box concept, real life role reversals(Amitji plays Abhishek's son), refreshing music, the natural beauty of Vidya Balan and offcourse PC Sriram and Abhishek to add colour to the silver lining. Last but never the least - produced by AB Corp(Abhishek leading it), AA is out to give the world one of the best films that has ever come. This will be one in a century film, it will atleast take another 100 years for such a film to appear again.

I wake up to Amitji's blog on a daily basis; it's been a great source of inspiration for me. Not a single day, passes without reading his view & expressions. It looks as though, he talks to you directly - what a connect !. Even at this age, he wakes up at 2:30am to sit for a 4hr prosthetic session, 2hrs to remove it and do the acting in between. PAA is really a tribute to the dedication,commitment,persistence of this wonderful human being called Amitji.

Hearing the music of PAA it's so refreshing, and it goes again and again to prove why 'Rajaa' sir is such a genius and can never be replaced by the modern music. It takes a genius to keep things simple and that's what 'Rajaa' sir has done to PAA.The tunes will keep hitting you and it will talk to you, especially ' Gumm Summ' and the theme music. In the theme music, 'Rajaa'sir has used a stream of voilins to bring out some break taking score, like he did for Maniratnam in Thalapathy(remember the start of Rakamma song). PAA's music is very soothing and was an experience by itself. The song in which Amitji, renders his voice as a AURO(13 year old boy) has come out very good and the sentences that he read in between looks so natural(e.g Full light on,Just take your head know). Amitji is just breathing as AURO.

So there is no doubt that Amitji & his team hard work had already paid very rich dividends and for sure PAA will rock the world on Dec 4.Waiting to see cute little AURO, also know an Amitji.

· Dr. Kalam: "Waves are my inspiration, not because they rise and fall, but each time they fall, they RISE AGAIN.
· The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling & even more beautiful is to know that you are the person behind it
· The plus symbols were made with a pair of minus symbols. All negative things can be shaped as positive. So let's be positive in life.
· Life never leaves you empty. It always replaces everything that you have lost. If it asks you to put something down it is because it wants you to pickup something greater.
· Having GOD in our boat doesn't mean that we will not face any storm but it means that no storm can sink our boat.
· Confidence comes naturally with success but success can comes only to those who are confident. So begin every day with great confidence.
· Old friends are gold and new friends are diamonds. If we get diamonds we shouldn't forget the gold because to hold a diamond we always need a base of gold
· Never design your character like a garden where no one walk, But try to design it like the sky where everyone aspire to reach
· What is the basic difference between God and Human? GOD Gives and Forgives but HUMAN Get's and Forgets
· Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things and small people talk about others. LEGENDS never talk
· Giving up is the easiest thing in the world to do but holding everything together when everything seems to be falling apart is true strength