Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beat the Club Foot !

Its been long awaited moment of happiness for all of us at home. It's been a week now and Akshath has started to walk & run at 1yr 4months now. The little guy had battled all the odds against him with a lot of positive spirit, resilience & patience. I salute him for his never never give up attitude.

I can still remember the day July 28th 2010, where Lasya's 5th month pregnancy scan revealed a 3rd degree severe bilateral deformity of both the legs of the baby - Club foot. It was a shocker for us to hear that the baby can't walk. But we didn't quit, did all we can, did all we need to do, took the needed advice, researched all the possible treatments/medical protocols and most importantly styed in the fight - didn't quit.

Here we are now - what a moment, it was a tough journey with a lot of emotional upheavals. We stayed in the fight & finally tasted the success.

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